Our Process



Understanding your needs

It is crucial that a clear understanding of your business and brand value in order to customized your website.

Define purpose

We make a road map we can stick to when making sure the development process is headed in the right direction.

Study the Landscape

We clarify the target market, user stories, and start gathering related design references.

Design of site mock-ups

After we have a plan for the web site, we will custom build several model for the site based on your needs. The model are non-functioning graphical representations of what your site would look like. From the beginning we consider search engine optimization, browser compatibility, download times, usability and other technical issues. You can choose your favorite model and provide feedback.


To communicate with our designers make prototypes to demonstrate desired interactions and functions.

Website testing and launch

When your site is designed and built, and you are satisfied with the finished product, we’ll test it thoroughly and We’ll perform any remaining site revisions then launch it to the public. We will work with you to promote your site among all the major search engines and websites related to your industry. We can also teach you how to maintain your site, or we can maintain it for you and make sure you are happy with the final product.

You have still questions left? No problem! Then call us now on: (01) 846 4200. We will get your questions sorted!